The conversation is everything. These images began as chance encounters that became conversations that became so much more. Every one a glimpse into a world I knew nothing about. Like learning about the wistful inevitability of Bali’s fading ritual culture from the island’s most celebrated mask maker. Feeling the futility of a couple stuck in NOLA with big dreams and no money. A waitress taking a break after having to throw out an unruly patron. A school teacher’s rowdy Saturday night. These gifts reflect the generosity of some of the remarkable people I’ve met on my travels. 

Busker, NOLA

Driver, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Waitress, NOLA

Antique Dealer, Paris, FR

Street Musician, Coimbra, Portugal

Villagers, Bali

Merchant, Muslim Quarter, Jerusalem

Street Vendor, NOLA

Celebrant, Bali

Dancers, Bourbon Street, NOLA

Celebrant, Bali

Poet, Bali

Shoe Shine, Lisbon, Portugal

Dancer, French Quarter, NOLA

Bride's Family, Bali

Street kids, NOLA

Veggie Vendor, Bali

Street Cellist, Santa Cruz, CA

Shoppers, Manhattan Beach, CA

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